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High Pressure Seamless Steel Pipe for Chemical Fertilizer Equipment

This steel pipe is ascribed to the chemical fertilizer equipment for conveying high temperature and high pressure solutions. It is often used the particular chemical equipment with the running temperature of -40℃ to 400℃ and with the significant pressure of 10 Ma to 30Ma. JST seamless steel tube for chemical fertilizer equipment is created out of high-quality carbon structural steel and alloy steel. We adopt hot rolling and cold drawing manufacturing secrets to produce this kind of steel pipe.
Delivery Status A complete seamless steel tube for chemical fertilizer equipment in these status:

  1. For 20# and 16Mn grades of steel pipes, we deliver them in normalizing state.
  2. For 12CrMo grade of pipes, we deliver them in normalizing state (900℃ to 930℃) and tempering state (670℃ to 720℃). The soaking time or period of time of periodic furnace is a few hours while continuous furnace is just 1 hour.
  3. For 12Cr2Mo grade of seamless steel tubes, we deliver them in normalizing state (900℃ to 960℃) and tempering state (700℃ to 750℃). The soaking time is higher one 60 minute block.

Parameters of Steel Pipe

1. Allowable Dimension Deviation

Types of Steel Tubes Outer Diameter Wall Thickness
Cold-Rolled Tubes Tube Sizes (mm) Tolerances (mm) Tube Sizes (mm) Tolerances (mm)
>30-50 ± 0.3 ≤ 30 ± 10%
>50-219 ± 0.8%
Hot-Rolled Tubes >219 ± 1.0% > 20 ± 10%

2. Chemical Composition of Steel Tube for Chemical Fertilizer Equipment Parameters

3. Mechanical Properties of Steel Pipe

Grade Tensile Strength (Mpa) Yield Point (Mpa) Min. Elongation (%)
10 335-490 205 24
20 410-550 245 24
16Mn 490-670 320 21
15MnV 510-690 350 19
12CrMo 410-560 205 21