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Api Couplings

We carry a full size range of 2-3/8” to 20″ API Couplings in J55, K55, N80, P110 grade.

All of our API couplings meet the American Petroleum Institute (API) Specifications 5CT&5B. On ground inventories are available from our Houston Inventory warehouse.

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Oilfield Casing Pipe

API 5CT Casing Pipe is used in different types of horizontal underground boring.

Casing pipe is jacked into an hole in segments and then connected together by welding or by threaded and coupled ends, or other proprietary pipe connectors.

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Oilfield Tubing Pipe

Tubing Pipe is a pipe or hollow cylinder for the conveyance of fluids (liquids or gases).

The terms ‘pipe’ and ‘tubing’ are almost interchangeable, although minor distinctions exist (generally, “tubing” implies tighter engineering requirements than “pipe”).

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JIS Standard

JIS Standard JIS standards refer to Japanese Industrial Standards. The standardization process is coordinated by Japanese Industrial Standards Committee and published by Japanese Standards Association. This standard is the most important and most authoritative standard in Japan national normes. It specifies the standards used for industrial activities in Japan. The objective of JIS standards or […]

Coupling Connection Failure And Prevention

Most casing failures occur at connections. These failures can be attributed to: Improper design or exposure to loads exceeding the rated capacity Failure to comply with makeup requirements Failure to meet manufacturing tolerances Damage during storage and handling Damage during production operations (corrosion, wear, etc.) Connection failure can be classified broadly as: Leakage Structural failure […]

DIN 17175 Seamless Steel Boiler Tubes

DIN 17175: Seamless Steel Tubes for Elevated Temperatures Standard: DIN 17175 We can supply various grades of seamless boiler pipes, such as St35.8, St45.8, 15Mo3, 13CrMo44, 10CrMo910, etc. Applications DIN 17175 seamless boiler tube is widely used in boiler industry, petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, metallurgy, medicine, machinery, paper, heat preservation, refrigeration, mechanical equipment, food, […]

Well Completion Introduction

Completion Well completion commonly refers to the process of finishing a well so that it is ready to produce oil or natural gas. In essence, completion consists of deciding on the characteristics of the intake portion of the well in the targeted hydrocarbon formation. There are a number of types of completions, including: Open Hole […]

JIS G3461 Carbon Steel Tubes

JIS G3461: Carbon Steel Tubes for Boiler and Heat Exchanger Standard: JIS G3461 We mainly produce different grades of carbon steel pipes, regarding STB 340, STB 410, STB 510, etc. Applications JIS G3461 carbon steel tube is a kind of pipe used for transferring heat inside and outside the pipe. Can be widely used as […]

High Pressure Seamless Steel Pipe for Chemical Fertilizer Equipment

This steel pipe is ascribed to the chemical fertilizer equipment for conveying high temperature and high pressure solutions. It is often used the particular chemical equipment with the running temperature of -40℃ to 400℃ and with the significant pressure of 10 Ma to 30Ma. JST seamless steel tube for chemical fertilizer equipment is created out […]

EN10216-2 Seamless Steel Tubes for Pressure Equipment

EN10216-2: Seamless Non-Alloy and Alloy Steel Tubes for Pressure Purposes with Specified Elevated Temperature Properties Standard: EN10216-2 JST can provide various grades of seamless steel pipes, such as P195GH, P235GH, P265GH, 13CrMo4-5 and 10CrMo9-10. Manufacturing: The tube billet deoxidization associated with seamless tube for pressure equipment uses full killed steel. Applications EN10216-2 non-alloy and alloy […]

Pipe Diameters

There are two common pipe size standards: the American (ANSI/ASME/API) standard, which is in imperial units, and the European (DIN) system which uses metric units. In the American system, the pipe diameter is known as “Nominal Pipe Size” (NPS) or “Nominal Bore” (NB). In the European system, it is known as the “Nominal Diameter” (DN). […]